Friday, April 30, 2010

its definitely winter

really, I think we've had such a good summer and now that the sun has lost a lot of its impact and we're back to adding more layers of clothes or lighting the fire (in my case) its all a bit of a shock to the system - Lawrie and I travelled to Orford on Wednesday to collect many many quinces from a friend with a heavily laden tree - now guess what I've been doing - they looked so lovely sitting on the window ledge, but alas they had to get the chop and I must admit I think I have a failure ie I changed my usual recipe for Quince Paste and now think it is going to turn out to be quince jam - it won't set!!!!!!, There are still masses left, so think I need to stick to the recipe.......oh and there are also a few more of my treasures to add to viewing list