Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the sun is shining and all is well with me and thee

I'm sitting here looking out to my garden - looks very dry, but there are three lovely sunflowers standing proud.....my back is aching and I'm not sure I like sitting at the computer for long these days, but still do it anyway.

Lawrie flew off yesterday in his Zoe to Temora in NSW for the annual Easter Fly In for recreational aircraft - he sounded as happy as a pig in.....you know what. Meanwhile I'm just doing as the mood takes me and feel very relaxed for the moment.

Here are some of my treasures snapped by Leanne at the market on Sunday

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm not quite so busy now!!!!!!!

well I mean to say.......as I have been since I published the last post (no pun intended), but really 4 of my lovely friends and yours sincerely have been organising the first EastSide"Makers"Market which was held VERY SUCCESSFULLY last sunday 28th March.......An amazing amount of work and I really take my hat off to all the organisers of other markets.
We tried to step outside the square a little and invite makers who had not shown their "faces" too publicly to this point in time. The combination of ages, styles and produce was fantastic and I really thank all of the participants for their great feedback; we will finish EARLIER next time - JUNE 6 as the last hour was V E R Y S L O W.
I'm waiting to publish some pics when they are sent to me, so will have to wait a little -