Tuesday, February 23, 2010

after the itching stops!!!!!

strange title I know, but I will enlighten!! Last Thursday I went away to a BUSH CAMP along with nine like minded friends; YOU camping said a couple of mates, but believe me it was a fantastic experience, apart from the March flies, who didn't seem to care that it wasn't March; naturally they took to me and my legs now have an interesting paternation of red blotches, and a week later they have only just ceased to itch, hence the title of this post.
We met up at Dunalley and explored a local op shop, then drove through a beautiful property "Bangor" until we came to our camp site, a clearing with two old fireplaces still in tact, the only remnants remaining of an old homestead. There was a good track through to the beach for us to go "dipping".
Well over the next couple of days we had many dye pots on the boil and managed to create some amazing patterning using native plants, onion skins and walnut husks, and seaweed, in fact using sea water gave an altogether different finish than my usual tank water.
A few of the girls gathered bull kelp and made some amazing vessels. I did quite a lot of stitching inbetween retrieving fabric from the dyepots as did friend Aukje, she stitching a beautiful small cap to wear with her wedding outfit next month, it was just like a box of jewels.
We ate, drank and generally had a very merry time.....something to be said for getting back to basics.
more later

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

musings from a bower bird

well......much procrastanating leads only to getting on with the next episode, or is it just a continuation of something that has always been part and parcel of ones persona......Thursday girls lunch conversation one day lead to a question about what really appealed to us individually as a "style"....my answer was "imperfection", to which Paul commented "that's wabi sabi. Well I had read of this and really didn't put two and two together, but really it just put it all into perspective and that's my bent........I also love things rusted, hand stitching, plant dyeing, collecting vintage buttons (in fact any buttons) and generally slow arts.

I meet regularly with a group of like minded artists and we've had a couple of exhibitions showing our art - We're varied in ages, with "the goddess" being in her young eighties - an amazing woman, then the whole group fall into that category.