Tuesday, February 16, 2010

musings from a bower bird

well......much procrastanating leads only to getting on with the next episode, or is it just a continuation of something that has always been part and parcel of ones persona......Thursday girls lunch conversation one day lead to a question about what really appealed to us individually as a "style"....my answer was "imperfection", to which Paul commented "that's wabi sabi. Well I had read of this and really didn't put two and two together, but really it just put it all into perspective and that's my bent........I also love things rusted, hand stitching, plant dyeing, collecting vintage buttons (in fact any buttons) and generally slow arts.

I meet regularly with a group of like minded artists and we've had a couple of exhibitions showing our art - We're varied in ages, with "the goddess" being in her young eighties - an amazing woman, then the whole group fall into that category.

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