Monday, October 18, 2010

long time no post

well, it seems like an age since I have accessed and updated anything happening in this part of the world, but stuff has been happening and I have been having some breathing space and a few reality checks.....
The winter has been a long one and the need to keep the home fires burning has been on top of the days doings; I have been having a well needed de-clutter in my play room and in my wardrobe - feels much lighter and brighter all around.
Lawrie spent some time up at Brady's Lake during that very cold week we had mid September and of course took some fabulous photos; a lovely collage of those above, as is a little play duo below, this wonderful cracked pathway on the right took my fancy quite a long time ago, and it just sat so sympathetically beside one of my play paper pieces............then there are a couple of general brooch and card pics, just to keep it all up to date......tho their lack of uniqueness and presentation may not appeal to everyone!!!!!!!!!
I like to use all things recycled and it seems such a shame that we overlook the most humble notions and discard them.
Am keen to get back to playing with paper and have a few things sketched to follow up on.
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